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Founding conference of Women’s Council launched

The Founding Conference of the Women’s Council of North and East Syria was launched in Bilsan Park south of Amouda district in Qamishlo canton, under the slogan “Free Women’s Union is Guarantee for a Democratic Syria” written in Arabic, Kurdish and Syriac languages, in addition to the banners with slogans such as “Free Woman’s Voice, is Guarantee for Peoples’ Freedom “, “Support Women’s Freedom” were written, in addition to  pictures of martyrs.

Arab, Kurdish, Syriac and Circassian women dressed  traditional costumes are participating in the conference. The conference will also be attended by women from civil institutions, political parties, the Autonomies Administration and the Syrian Democratic Council. Women from the Internal Security Forces, Women’s Protection Units and Syriac Women’s Protection Forces are also attending the conference.

A member of Kongra Star Asia Abdullah will deliver the opening speech.


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