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European women’s delegation visiting Ain Issa: women’s experience is ideal

The delegation, which visited the headquarters of the Women’s Committee in Ain Issa, included five members of the women’s movements in Italy: “Julia, Leticia, Simona, Adly, Jia”.

The delegation was received by the head of the Women’s Committee Jihan Khadro and her deputies Maha Al Ali and Rukan Mulla Ibrahim.

The visiting delegation, accompanied by the Women’s Committee, held a meeting in which the Chairwoman of the Women’s Committee, Jihan Khadro, reviewed the organizational structure of the women’s organization in the northern and eastern areas of Syria, its objectives and the nature of its work.

Khadro stressed that women in the north and east of Syria have played their role in representation in all fields and their participation in all political, social and military fields.

In a statement to the Italian women’s delegation, Jihan pointed out that the democratic nation’s project, which she believes in self-rule, has done and dedicated the project of democratic pluralism, and that the Women’s Authority is part of this structure “unparalleled in the world” in this direction.

The delegation expressed admiration for the women’s experience in northern and eastern Syria. “We went to more than one area in the north and east of Syria, and in areas where there were many components, every component had the freedom to wear whatever they wanted and everyone could wear what they like, despite the diversity, this is blessed and distinctive, whereas in the previous period there was an authoritarian regime that imposes a single flag and identity. ”

The head of the Women’s Committee, Jihan Khadro, answered the questions of the Italian women’s delegation, which were related to the location and geography of Ain issa population as an example of brotherhood and pluralism among all components of the region.

At the end of the visit, the delegation thanked the Autonomous Administration and the Women’s Authority. The visitors wished to have other visits to these areas to learn about the experience of women and to disseminate them widely.

The women’s delegation will continue to visit the northern and eastern regions of Syria,  and scheduled to visit the newly liberated areas from Daesh to learn about the experience of women there.


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