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Delegation of Italian Feminist Movement visits the Women’s Council in ManbIj

On Thursday, a delegation from the Feminist Movement in Italy visited the Women’s Council in the city of Manbij and its countryside after touring women’s institutions in the north and east of Syria to learn about the status of women in these areas and how they organize themselves.

The delegation was received by all members of the Women’s Council in the city of Manbij and its countryside. During the meeting, the delegation discussed with the members of the Women’s Council the situation of women in the city and how women organized themselves in institutions despite the state of war in Syria and the domination of Daesh mercenaries for years amid women’s deprivation of all their rights.

During the discussion, the official spokesperson for the council Ibtisam Abdul Qadir talked about the work of the Women’s Council in general through the meetings held in the city and the countryside, which was aimed at introducing women to the council and raising awareness and organizing them within institutions.

She added that women in Manbij had taken positive steps in a short period of time, especially after the liberation of the city from Daesh mercenaries, and occupied their place in all institutions and played a leading role in community management and protection within the civil and military institutions.

It is worth mentioning that the delegation will visit all the women’s institutions in the regions of north and east of Syria during the visit.

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