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Afrin women: We to escalate struggle as Ocalan demanded

The people and components of northern and eastern Syria and Kurdistan drew morale and strength from the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan’s message and the intensive isolation imposed on him by the Turkish government against the leader, preventing him to meet his families and lawyers.

Perhaps most of those who derived strength and morale from the thought and philosophy of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan are women, as the leader urged to the freedom of women. In this regard, our agency (ANHA) met with the women of Afrin who are still resisting in al-Shahba canton after Ocalan’s message.

Where the leader Ocalan has congratulated in his letter the hunger strikers to achieve their goal after the resistance that lasted for 200 days, and stressed that the resistance was intellectual and not physical. The message included, “We can find a solution to the Syrian crisis, which has been continuing since 2011 to the present without any solution by European countries,” and the message urged giving the Kurdish people their rights.

In this regard, the citizen Asia Omar Abdo said, “The lawyers met with the leader and held a historic message to the people, re-talking about the Turkish politics in the region.”

Asia confirmed that they would follow the footsteps and approach of the leader Ocalan, “The MP Leyla Guven went on hunger strike with her intellectual and physical resistance, so she reached her demand and demanded millions of Kurdish people to lift the isolation on the leader Ocalan.”

Khadija Resho said that the key to resolving the Syrian crisis would be through the resistance of the Kurdish people and their struggle to implement the people’s fraternity and unity without division or separation.

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