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Afrin will be the last path to collapse the dictatorial thought

In conjunction with the anniversary of the massacrs committed against the Armenians, which left more than one and a half million of Armenian victims by decision of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the Kongra Star Coordination in Rojava has released statement saying that Afrin will be the last path to collapse the dictatorial thought.

The text of the statement included:

“The Turkish state has a history full of massacres and inhumane violations. It has roots in the extermination and melting of non-Turkish sects. The massacres of Sefo are ones of the massacres committed against the minorities. On the April 24th of 1915, the Ottoman Empire committed the worst crime in the history of mankind, and killed one million and a half Armenians by a decision of the Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and it did not limit to only the Armenian Holocaust, but the political experiment against the Armenians repeated against other communities, as well as the Kurds, the massacre of Simil against the Assyrian people, and the massacre of Dêrsim against the Alawites, Greeks and Shiites. The Kurdish Cause is one of the most noticeable issues because the solution of this issue is linked to the resolution of all issues of the oppressed peoples. Turkey’s policy is still continuing and at a higher pace than before, as its intervention in the Syrian territories in Jarablous, al-Bab, Idlib, Azaz and Afrin, its support for terrorism and demographic change in Afrin, killing their people, stealing their properties and uprooting trees until their lives have become synonymous with death by the ugliest images, but these practices, policies and exceeding the red lines will lead Turkey to collapse, and Afrin will be the last path and the failure of the dictatorial thought.

We, as Kongra Star, call on the international community to hold the Turkish government accountable for all the crimes it has committed and still committing, and to put an end to Erdogan’s policy.”


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