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Kurdish people to not give up Afrin

Monday marks the first anniversary of the occupation of the city of Afrin after a resistance lasted for 58 days, and in this regard, Kongra Star’s Coordination issued a statement, appealing to the international community to get out of silence towards the practices of the occupation.

The text of the statement:

“On March 18, 2018, the Turkish army and its takfirist mercenaries occupied Afrin land. They spread destruction, corruption, killing and other terrible crimes against our Kurdish people in the city of Afrin and its villages. where the Turkish fascist state used all kinds of conventional and sophisticated weapons; guns, tanks and dozens of warplanes on the area of Afrin, aiming at occupying it, committing genocide and eliminating the democratic system there. In return, our people showed great resistance and gave more than a thousand martyrs, including more than 300 people, children, women and elderly.

On this anniversary, we commemorate with all respect and appreciation the martyrs of the resistance, and we affirm that our Kurdish people will not forget these brutal attacks, will not give up Afrin and will not surrender to the occupation. We affirm our confidence in the resistance that will free Afrin from the occupation, and therefore, we call on everybody to escalate the struggle and participate in this resistance against the occupation until victory is achieved.

We condemn and denounce the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories and the violations committed by the occupation and its mercenaries from killing, arresting, abducting civilians, attacking the martyrs’ shrines, removing them, changing the demographics of the area, imposing the Turkification policy and the compulsory education of the Turkish language.

We also demand to shed the light on the crimes committed in Afrin, document them and bring their perpetrators to the international courts.


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