Hunger strike in Qamishlo started

Kongra Star and Qamishlo canton’s council set up a tent for the hunger strike, in which the residents of the canton will participate. On the first day, 154 people have joined in supporting the hunger strikers and detainees in the prisons of the Turkish occupation.

Today, Kongra Star and Qamishlo Council began a hunger strike at July 19 Partk in the Arbouia district of the city of Qamishlo in solidarity with the hunger strikers who have been for months going on in the Turkish occupation prisons, denouncing the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Within the tent, pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and struggler Leyla Guven who has been going on hunger strike since 191 days, the hunger strikers, and flags of Kongra Star and the Martyrs’ Families Council were hung.

On the first day, 154 people joined the hunger strike wearing white shirts with pictures of leader Ocalan on.

Before the start of the strike, hunger strikers and dozens of residents of the town of Qamishlo stood a minute of silence in the courtyard of July 19 Park. Then the administrator in Kongra Star Adalat Omar gave a speech, she said: “Today, hundreds of residents of Qamishlo canton will march on the line of struggler Leyla Guven and all hunger strikers.

“We will triumph, and follow the path of Leyla Guven until the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, is lifted and our people know the danger of this isolation,” Omar said.

Omar explained that the Turkish state, through its dirty policies, is trying to control the will of the Kurdish people. “We will never allow this,” she said.

An agenda has been set for strikers where a lecture about the truth of the leader and the resisting people is scheduled to be given, receiving delegations, as well as cultural events and showing documentary films.



Dalia Hanan: Isolation must be ended to stop massacres

A member of Kongra Star Coordination in Rojava Dalia Hanan pointed out that in order to block the massacres, the strikers’ demands must be heard and the isolation must be ended.

To end the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, hunger strikes continue in Kurdistan, Turkey and the world, and increase day by day, as the growing concerns about the health situation of the hunger strikers, where the strike of Leila Guven entered day 191, Nasser Yagiz day The 178, in addition to the entry of a number of hunger strikers.

On these strikes, our agency(ANHA) met with a member of Kongra Star’s Coordination in Rojava Dalia Hanan.

Leyla Guven’s strike is a guide to the unity of women in the Middle East

Dalia Hanan pointed out at the beginning of her speech that the ongoing open hunger strikes by Leyla Guven was the reason why the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, met with his lawyer and family and noted that the great resistance of Leyla Guven was the cause of significant changes in the march and struggle of women. Guven awakened the peoples of the Middle East, and this struggle is a continuation of the project leader Ocalan for the freedom of women, this project, which wins day after day.

Dalia Hanan has made it clear that throughout history, the most dangerous stages have been changed through the struggle of women, Leyla Guven has responded to the enemy’s schemes that target free will.

Violations against mothers of the white scarf are unacceptable

Dalia Hanan explained that the Turkish occupation state always targets the woman’s will, adding “The Turkish occupation state targets the people and the woman, the attack on the mothers of the white scarf is the result of the non-acceptance of women’s will and the targeting of peace, the pressure exerted on the mothers is unacceptable, their children face death day after day, no one can prevent mothers from sit-in, through these activities we will reach freedom, no matter how the Turkish state tries to suppress peace, we will step up our struggle.”

Isolation must be ended to block the massacres

Dalia Hanan, concluded by saying that the situation of the hunger strikers is the responsibility of the humanitarian institutions adding, “The international countries have become a partner in the barbarity of the Turkish state. The practices of the Turkish occupation state against the four parts of Kurdistan are violations of the laws.”

March in Qamishlo against Turkish fascism

Thousands of women in al-Jazeera Region marched in protest against the attack by the Turkish occupation authorities on the women of the white scarf protesting in front of the Turkish prisons in solidarity with their children and daughters who are political prisoners and on hunger strike in the prisons of the Turkish occupation.

Hundreds of mothers of political prisoners on hunger strike in the Turkish occupation prisons have gathered peacefully in a number of places in the capital Ankara and Istanbul to highlight the strike campaigns in the prisons where their sons participate, but the Turkish authorities intervened in a repressive manner and beat the mothers brutally.

Today, in condemnation of the repressive Turkish policies of the mothers of the hunger strikers, thousands of women from al-Jazeera region gathered in al-Entariya, neighborhood in the city of Qamishlo of all components raising the photos of Leyla Guven and the Kurdish leader Abdullah, Nasser Yagz and the political prisoners on hunger strike in the prisons of the Turkish occupation, condemning the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and Turkey’s repressive policies towards the Kurdish people.

The women also carried pictures of the mothers of political detainees (women of the white scarf) who were assaulted during their sit-in in front of Turkish detention centers.

The women stopped next to the Sony Roundabout in Central Market in the city of Qamishlo. After a minute of silence, the Autonomous Administration adviser in al-Jazeera, Mezgin Ahmed, said that the Turkish occupation was afraid of everything from any activity within Turkey.

Mezgin Ahmed pointed out that the mothers of the detainees had been detained in front of the Turkish prisons in support of the struggle of their sons and daughters.

“Mother is peace, woman is freedom, so the occupation fears Kurdish women,” she said.

Moreover, the march ended with the confirmation of women in al-Jazeera region supporting the mothers of the white scarf.



Kongra Star in the Euphrates region salutes the resistance of hunger strikers

The Kongra Star in the Euphrates region denounced the Turkish authorities’ isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan and expressed solidarity with 15 activists who declared a hunger strike to death on April 30, denouncing isolation.

The Kongra Star in the Euphrates region on Saturday issued a statement to the public expressing solidarity and support for the 15 activists who began a hunger strike to death since April 30, denouncing the isolation imposed by the Turkish authorities against leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The statement was read in the Free Woman’s Square in the city of Kobani in the presence of dozens of women by the member of Women’s Science (Jineolojî) Committee Dicle Haider.

Kongra Star condemned the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan by the Turkish authorities, and Turkey’s construction of wall around Afrin separated from its Syrian surroundings.

Kongra Star paid tribute to the hunger strikers in the Turkish prisons and a number of countries in the world, stressing that the resistance has become a culture of the Kurdish people, whose history is full of records of resistance in the face of fascists.

The statement included that hunger strikers’ activity has brought the Kurds in parts of Kurdistan and the world closer, and pointed out that the Turkish fascist state is pursuing an immoral policy aimed at annihilating the Kurds, consolidating its occupation of Kurdistan and control of the gains made in Rojava, this is clear in Afrin, where the wall is built, and the purpose of which is to stand up to the will of the people.

”15 activists going on a hunger strike to death in Turkish prisons since the first of last April indicates the beginning of a new stage in the struggle.”

In its statement, the Kongra Star saluted the hunger strikers, condemned the international silence on the hunger strike and appealed to human rights organizations to break their silence.

Kongra Star coordination congratulates workers in Labor day occasion

Kongra Star Coordination noted that they welcome the International Day of Workers with more struggle and resistance, and stressed the continuation of the struggle until the liberation of Kurdistan.

The statement included, “We as a movement celebrate this day, which is the day of the struggle of the working classes, and this day celebrates all the peoples all over the world. We extend our congratulations to the leader of humanity, Abdullah Ocalan. We congratulate all our people and all the workers and hard-working workers for sake of the freedom and democracy and all oppressed peoples, and wish them success and victory. ”

The statement explained the reasons that led the workers to rise up against the capitalist forces that exploited them, and added, “The origin of this feast is due to the Great Strike in Chicago, the United States of America in 1886, where the United States and many European countries at that time evolved from capitalism to imperialism. Capitalists continued to increase working time and strength to stimulate the development of the economy very quickly, and exploited the workers harshly. Workers were working from 14 to 16 hours every day, and got a few wages. This extreme persecution aroused the wrath of the workers, realizing that their union and struggle against the capitalists through strikes was the only way to achieve reasonable living conditions, and put the slogan of the strike, “The Eight-Hour Work System”

During the statement, the Coordination congratulated all the workers who made the finest examples of great achievements and called for the intensification of the struggle on this day for freedom, equality and democracy everywhere.

The Coordination has praised the strike campaign led by Leyla Guven and said, “We will continue our struggle and resistance until we achieve our goals and break the isolation.”

The Coordination concluded, “We commemorate all the martyrs of the Labor Day with all respect and appreciation, and we congratulate our national people and the labor forces. We renew the call to escalate the struggle everywhere and participate in the organized events on this occasion, in addition to unifying the struggle of Labor Day with the strugglers’ resistance in the campaign of breaking the isolation and defeating fascism in all squares and fields.”

Kongra Star commemorates Qereçox martyrs

Kongra Star Coordination has commemorated Qereçox martyrs in the second anniversary of their martyrdom, and pointed out that as Kongra Star, they would increase the pace of the struggle with free women’s resistance.

Thursday marks the second anniversary of the Turkish occupation state targeting of the headquarters of the General Command of the People and Women Protection Unites (YPG, YPJ). In this regard, the Kongra Star Coordination issued a statement and pointed out that the martyrs thwarted the occupation’s plans with their pure blood.

The Coordination said that the martyrs achieved their promise. “On the second anniversary of the Qereçox martyrs, we promise them that we will continue struggling to achieve their goals. By virtue of our martyrs’ blood, many victories have been achieved, so today our homeland has been a source of victories.”

The Coordination pointed out during the statement that the Turkish occupation state tried through its attacks to target the will of the people, but the martyrs thwarted all these schemes.

“On the second anniversary of these attacks, we affirm that the martyrs have confirmed the will of free women, and with this will, we affirm that we will escalate the struggle,” the Coordination added.

It is worth mentioning that on this day, the Turkish occupation aircrafts bombed the headquarters of the General Command of YPG, YPJ in Qereçox, and 20 fighters of YPG, YPJ were martyred.

Afrin will be the last path to collapse the dictatorial thought

In conjunction with the anniversary of the massacrs committed against the Armenians, which left more than one and a half million of Armenian victims by decision of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the Kongra Star Coordination in Rojava has released statement saying that Afrin will be the last path to collapse the dictatorial thought.

The text of the statement included:

“The Turkish state has a history full of massacres and inhumane violations. It has roots in the extermination and melting of non-Turkish sects. The massacres of Sefo are ones of the massacres committed against the minorities. On the April 24th of 1915, the Ottoman Empire committed the worst crime in the history of mankind, and killed one million and a half Armenians by a decision of the Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and it did not limit to only the Armenian Holocaust, but the political experiment against the Armenians repeated against other communities, as well as the Kurds, the massacre of Simil against the Assyrian people, and the massacre of Dêrsim against the Alawites, Greeks and Shiites. The Kurdish Cause is one of the most noticeable issues because the solution of this issue is linked to the resolution of all issues of the oppressed peoples. Turkey’s policy is still continuing and at a higher pace than before, as its intervention in the Syrian territories in Jarablous, al-Bab, Idlib, Azaz and Afrin, its support for terrorism and demographic change in Afrin, killing their people, stealing their properties and uprooting trees until their lives have become synonymous with death by the ugliest images, but these practices, policies and exceeding the red lines will lead Turkey to collapse, and Afrin will be the last path and the failure of the dictatorial thought.

We, as Kongra Star, call on the international community to hold the Turkish government accountable for all the crimes it has committed and still committing, and to put an end to Erdogan’s policy.”


Message from Star Congress to the women-led uprising in Sudan

We want freedom, justice, and for this women’s revolution to grow. Women around the world have been marginalized and suffered. They have been restricted socially, economically and especially had lost their freedom to speak and express their minds. However these practices didn’t prevent them struggling for their rights and they raised their voices together to stand against dictatorship, especially the women of Sudan who lead the mobilization of the people.
We as Star Congress commend the pioneering women’s role in this struggle and we are in solidarity with the calls for a free, democratic society led by women. We call on all women around the world to support this revolution.



Women’s Laws in Rojava – Northern Syria

The concept of masculinity in our society has led to many political, social, economic, cultural and psychological problems— most notably the oppression and marginalization of women. Under this system, women have been deprived of their rights and made vulnerable.
In addition to such inherited traditions and concepts, which impeded the progress of women and limited their aspirations for a better future, many laws and institutions also threatened women’s freedom. All of these obstacles— such as divorce by a man’s individual will, forced marriage, polygamy, and countless other oppressive institutions— reflected poorly not only on the condition of women, but on the status of our society as a whole.
Based on our belief in the importance of the role of women in the family, which constitutes the basic nucleus of society, we believe that women’s freedom must be the basic guarantee for rebuilding democratic families and a free, democratic society. Development in any society is best achieved by activating the role of women and ensuring their participation in the construction and progress of their communities. Therefore, we believe that women must continue their struggle to achieve guarantees that safeguard their dignity. They must take their freedom and their right to control their lives and their children, and must no longer accept any form of marginalization. A women’s liberation movement is urgently needed to confront all forms of backwardness, violence and murder.
Ensuring women’s rights and freedoms in this way is the main goal of the Democratic Self-Administration. As such, the Administration must solve all outstanding issues that women face in society, improve their situation, secure their lives, defend them against persecution and violence, and ensure their legitimate rights.
Under these circumstances, we decided to develop a set of basic principles and general provisions relating to the status of women, in order to ensure equality and build a free and democratic society.

Basic Principles:
1.  Fighting the reactionary authoritarian mentality in society is the duty of every individual in the areas governed by the Democratic Self-Administration.
2.   Equality between men and women shall be guaranteed in all aspects of public and private life.
3.   Women have the right to be nominees, nominate, and take all political positions.
4.   All institutions must commit to the principle of participatory management.
5.  Women have the right to form political organizations; social, economic, cultural and rightful defense organizations; and other organizations, including all those that do not violate the Social Contract principles.
6.   A representative of women’s organizations and human rights organizations is to be present as an observer, at prior invitation from the Council, when discussing laws issued in exceptional cases in the Legislative Council.
7.   When issuing laws relating to women in the Legislative Council, the will of women shall be taken into account.
8. Women and men shall be equal in matters of work and payment.
9.  The testimony of a woman and the testimony of a man shall have equal legal value.
10.   No woman or girl may be married without her consent.
11.  Cancel dowry because it considers as of material value  to posses  the woman and replaced  by the participation of two parties to insure a participatory  life .
12.  Marriage contracts shall be a civil matter.
13 .  Polygamy shall be prevented.
14.  Both parties in a marriage are entitled to seek separation, and a couple cannot be divorced by individual will.
15.  Men and women are to be equal in all matters of inheritance.
16.  Prevent banning the girl from marrying.
17.  Killings under the pretext of “honor” are a full-fledged physical, moral, and legal crime, punishable by penalties stipulated in the penal code as the crime of killing, accidentally or deliberately.
18.  Impose strict and equal punishment to the perpetrator of infidelity on both sides.
19.  Human trafficking, especially of children and women, is to be criminalized and punished harshly. This includes all types of trafficking, including, but not limited to, sexual exploitation, child labor, and trading in human organs.
20.  Violence and discrimination against women is to be prevented. Gender-based discrimination is a crime punishable by law. The Democratic Self-Administration should fight against all forms of violence and discrimination through the development of legal mechanisms and services that provide protection, prevention and treatment for victims of violence.
21.  The Democratic Self-Administration shall ensure the democratic rights of children and protect them from all forms of violence and exploitation.

General Provisions:
22.   Women and men have equal rights under the nationality law.
23.  The Democratic Self-Administration ensures for each individual and family, especially children and women, health and social insurance, as well as basic requirements for living in a free and dignified life; as well as providing necessary protection for widows and older women.
24.  Girls may not marry before the age of eighteen.
25.  Women have the right to custody of their children until they reach the age of fifteen, whether the mother is married or not. After this, the children have the right to choose, and the duty of the two parents is to secure housing and alimony for their children.
26.  Children under the age of fifteen who wish to travel require permission from their parents.
27.  When women’s and family issues are taken to court, a representative from the women’s center must be present. Her opinion shall be non-binding and advisory.
28.  Working women shall have paid maternity leave for up to three births.
29.  In the case of divorce, the wife has the right to take all gold jewelry and other items purchased for her for the wedding, or their equivalent value, whether these items are in her possession or have been disbursed by her husband.
30.  The Democratic Self-Administration shall establish centers for pregnant and lactating women who have been sentenced for a crime to spend the duration of their sentences, taking into account their condition and the condition of the fetus and newborn.


Avin Sweed: Women in northern and eastern Syria will be present in the Syrian constitution

Avin Sweed explained that the plot that targeted the ideology and philosophy of the leader Ocalan was unsuccessful, because this thought is the best solution for all the peoples of the region, and the people of the region take Ocalan’s thought as the basis of their struggle and strength.

Kongra Star and Tirbespiyê District Council held a large meeting for the people of the region, on the occasion of the birth of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, in Roj Hall north of the region. In the presence of dozens of components of the region and official spokeswoman of Kongra Star Avin Sweed.

The meeting started with holding a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, after which the meeting was run by Avin Sweed, and pointed out that the leader Ocalan was not a party leader but he also called on to solve all the issues of oppressed peoples and liberate them, and said: “This is what terrified the colonial and capitalist countries, so they created a conspiracy against him to prevent the arrival of his idea to the peoples.”

Avin noted that the plot that targeted the ideology and philosophy of Ocalan failed, because this thought is the best solution for all the peoples of the region, so the peoples of the region have taken Ocalan’s thought as the basis of their struggle.

Avin added that the leader Ocalan and since his youth opposed the social and political habits that were imposed on the right of women, and therefore considered the freedom of women is the basis of freedom of society, and said: “So today we find thousands of women carrying the liberal ideology put forward by Ocalan. ”

“Women in northern and eastern Syria will be present in the Syrian constitution and will shape the future of Syria, thanks to the great sacrifices made by women in northern and eastern Syria and will lead the revolution,” Avin said.