Hunger strike in Qamishlo started

Kongra Star and Qamishlo canton’s council set up a tent for the hunger strike, in which the residents of the canton will participate. On the first day, 154 people have joined in supporting the hunger strikers and detainees in the prisons of the Turkish occupation.

Today, Kongra Star and Qamishlo Council began a hunger strike at July 19 Partk in the Arbouia district of the city of Qamishlo in solidarity with the hunger strikers who have been for months going on in the Turkish occupation prisons, denouncing the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Within the tent, pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and struggler Leyla Guven who has been going on hunger strike since 191 days, the hunger strikers, and flags of Kongra Star and the Martyrs’ Families Council were hung.

On the first day, 154 people joined the hunger strike wearing white shirts with pictures of leader Ocalan on.

Before the start of the strike, hunger strikers and dozens of residents of the town of Qamishlo stood a minute of silence in the courtyard of July 19 Park. Then the administrator in Kongra Star Adalat Omar gave a speech, she said: “Today, hundreds of residents of Qamishlo canton will march on the line of struggler Leyla Guven and all hunger strikers.

“We will triumph, and follow the path of Leyla Guven until the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, is lifted and our people know the danger of this isolation,” Omar said.

Omar explained that the Turkish state, through its dirty policies, is trying to control the will of the Kurdish people. “We will never allow this,” she said.

An agenda has been set for strikers where a lecture about the truth of the leader and the resisting people is scheduled to be given, receiving delegations, as well as cultural events and showing documentary films.



Dalia Hanan: Isolation must be ended to stop massacres

A member of Kongra Star Coordination in Rojava Dalia Hanan pointed out that in order to block the massacres, the strikers’ demands must be heard and the isolation must be ended.

To end the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, hunger strikes continue in Kurdistan, Turkey and the world, and increase day by day, as the growing concerns about the health situation of the hunger strikers, where the strike of Leila Guven entered day 191, Nasser Yagiz day The 178, in addition to the entry of a number of hunger strikers.

On these strikes, our agency(ANHA) met with a member of Kongra Star’s Coordination in Rojava Dalia Hanan.

Leyla Guven’s strike is a guide to the unity of women in the Middle East

Dalia Hanan pointed out at the beginning of her speech that the ongoing open hunger strikes by Leyla Guven was the reason why the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, met with his lawyer and family and noted that the great resistance of Leyla Guven was the cause of significant changes in the march and struggle of women. Guven awakened the peoples of the Middle East, and this struggle is a continuation of the project leader Ocalan for the freedom of women, this project, which wins day after day.

Dalia Hanan has made it clear that throughout history, the most dangerous stages have been changed through the struggle of women, Leyla Guven has responded to the enemy’s schemes that target free will.

Violations against mothers of the white scarf are unacceptable

Dalia Hanan explained that the Turkish occupation state always targets the woman’s will, adding “The Turkish occupation state targets the people and the woman, the attack on the mothers of the white scarf is the result of the non-acceptance of women’s will and the targeting of peace, the pressure exerted on the mothers is unacceptable, their children face death day after day, no one can prevent mothers from sit-in, through these activities we will reach freedom, no matter how the Turkish state tries to suppress peace, we will step up our struggle.”

Isolation must be ended to block the massacres

Dalia Hanan, concluded by saying that the situation of the hunger strikers is the responsibility of the humanitarian institutions adding, “The international countries have become a partner in the barbarity of the Turkish state. The practices of the Turkish occupation state against the four parts of Kurdistan are violations of the laws.”

March in Qamishlo against Turkish fascism

Thousands of women in al-Jazeera Region marched in protest against the attack by the Turkish occupation authorities on the women of the white scarf protesting in front of the Turkish prisons in solidarity with their children and daughters who are political prisoners and on hunger strike in the prisons of the Turkish occupation.

Hundreds of mothers of political prisoners on hunger strike in the Turkish occupation prisons have gathered peacefully in a number of places in the capital Ankara and Istanbul to highlight the strike campaigns in the prisons where their sons participate, but the Turkish authorities intervened in a repressive manner and beat the mothers brutally.

Today, in condemnation of the repressive Turkish policies of the mothers of the hunger strikers, thousands of women from al-Jazeera region gathered in al-Entariya, neighborhood in the city of Qamishlo of all components raising the photos of Leyla Guven and the Kurdish leader Abdullah, Nasser Yagz and the political prisoners on hunger strike in the prisons of the Turkish occupation, condemning the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and Turkey’s repressive policies towards the Kurdish people.

The women also carried pictures of the mothers of political detainees (women of the white scarf) who were assaulted during their sit-in in front of Turkish detention centers.

The women stopped next to the Sony Roundabout in Central Market in the city of Qamishlo. After a minute of silence, the Autonomous Administration adviser in al-Jazeera, Mezgin Ahmed, said that the Turkish occupation was afraid of everything from any activity within Turkey.

Mezgin Ahmed pointed out that the mothers of the detainees had been detained in front of the Turkish prisons in support of the struggle of their sons and daughters.

“Mother is peace, woman is freedom, so the occupation fears Kurdish women,” she said.

Moreover, the march ended with the confirmation of women in al-Jazeera region supporting the mothers of the white scarf.



Kongra Star in the Euphrates region salutes the resistance of hunger strikers

The Kongra Star in the Euphrates region denounced the Turkish authorities’ isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan and expressed solidarity with 15 activists who declared a hunger strike to death on April 30, denouncing isolation.

The Kongra Star in the Euphrates region on Saturday issued a statement to the public expressing solidarity and support for the 15 activists who began a hunger strike to death since April 30, denouncing the isolation imposed by the Turkish authorities against leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The statement was read in the Free Woman’s Square in the city of Kobani in the presence of dozens of women by the member of Women’s Science (Jineolojî) Committee Dicle Haider.

Kongra Star condemned the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan by the Turkish authorities, and Turkey’s construction of wall around Afrin separated from its Syrian surroundings.

Kongra Star paid tribute to the hunger strikers in the Turkish prisons and a number of countries in the world, stressing that the resistance has become a culture of the Kurdish people, whose history is full of records of resistance in the face of fascists.

The statement included that hunger strikers’ activity has brought the Kurds in parts of Kurdistan and the world closer, and pointed out that the Turkish fascist state is pursuing an immoral policy aimed at annihilating the Kurds, consolidating its occupation of Kurdistan and control of the gains made in Rojava, this is clear in Afrin, where the wall is built, and the purpose of which is to stand up to the will of the people.

”15 activists going on a hunger strike to death in Turkish prisons since the first of last April indicates the beginning of a new stage in the struggle.”

In its statement, the Kongra Star saluted the hunger strikers, condemned the international silence on the hunger strike and appealed to human rights organizations to break their silence.

Kongra Star coordination congratulates workers in Labor day occasion

Kongra Star Coordination noted that they welcome the International Day of Workers with more struggle and resistance, and stressed the continuation of the struggle until the liberation of Kurdistan.

The statement included, “We as a movement celebrate this day, which is the day of the struggle of the working classes, and this day celebrates all the peoples all over the world. We extend our congratulations to the leader of humanity, Abdullah Ocalan. We congratulate all our people and all the workers and hard-working workers for sake of the freedom and democracy and all oppressed peoples, and wish them success and victory. ”

The statement explained the reasons that led the workers to rise up against the capitalist forces that exploited them, and added, “The origin of this feast is due to the Great Strike in Chicago, the United States of America in 1886, where the United States and many European countries at that time evolved from capitalism to imperialism. Capitalists continued to increase working time and strength to stimulate the development of the economy very quickly, and exploited the workers harshly. Workers were working from 14 to 16 hours every day, and got a few wages. This extreme persecution aroused the wrath of the workers, realizing that their union and struggle against the capitalists through strikes was the only way to achieve reasonable living conditions, and put the slogan of the strike, “The Eight-Hour Work System”

During the statement, the Coordination congratulated all the workers who made the finest examples of great achievements and called for the intensification of the struggle on this day for freedom, equality and democracy everywhere.

The Coordination has praised the strike campaign led by Leyla Guven and said, “We will continue our struggle and resistance until we achieve our goals and break the isolation.”

The Coordination concluded, “We commemorate all the martyrs of the Labor Day with all respect and appreciation, and we congratulate our national people and the labor forces. We renew the call to escalate the struggle everywhere and participate in the organized events on this occasion, in addition to unifying the struggle of Labor Day with the strugglers’ resistance in the campaign of breaking the isolation and defeating fascism in all squares and fields.”